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Can I use VoIP with my 3G broadband connection?

The rising popularity of 3G based broadband connections based partly on the possibility of having broadband access almost anywhere they may need it and with the incentives offered by telcos heavily discounted or of free USB based modems, has seen an increasing number of queries to VoIP Choice asking “Can I use VoIP with my 3G broadband connection?”.Yes, you can use VoIP on a 3G based broadband connection.However there are a number of things you should consider prior to signing up to a 3G broadband connection with the expectation of using VoIP.

Firstly you should test the 3G network you plan to use in the areas where you expect you would want to be making VoIP based calls. Test Your VoIP is a great free service for obtaining an indication of how suitable your broadband connection will be for VoIP based calls.

Ensure that your 3G broadband access plan has the appropriate download limits to support your expected calling patterns.

If you plan to use VoIP via your 3G capable mobile phone handset ensure that the handset allows the installation of a software based VoIP phone.

If you plan to use a USB based 3G modem in your home or office environment you will need to consider how you wish to use VoIP. It will be straight forward to set up a software based VoIP phone on your computer with the USB modem connected and make calls via a headset and microphone. However, if you wish to use a hardware VoIP phone you will need to investigate purchasing a USB 3G compatible router which are currently not readily found at your local computer shop.